“Thomas Grosh is a fair, honest and, knowledgeable dealer in the field of records and collectibles.  I have known and dealt with him for nearly forty years and he always maintains an inventory of amazing records. This along with his extraordinary customer service has and will keep me a loyal customer for many years to come”                             Dave G.      Florida


“Thomas is the ultimate vintage vinyl dealer specializing in true rarities of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and many more.  I met him at the Arbutus Record Show just over a year ago and Wowza!  What a wonderful experience it has been!  He is so knowledgeable of collectible vinyl being in business for over 40 years and has the most complete inventory that is so impeccably organized.  I am amazed that nearly every time I ask him if he has something, he makes it magically appear and if he doesn’t, he will find it for you. Thomas is so personable always aiming to please.  It is a true pleasure dealing with him.  He has excellent follow through and if mailing, he is very prompt with secure packaging.  Thomas is the absolute best if you are in the hunt for vinyl collectibles.  We are fortunate to have Thomas make our vinyl dreams come true.”              Andrea    B.     Maryland


Very  English is an excellent site for all who have an interest in music memorabilia, vinyl, and other stuff!  They handle everything quickly and safe with order processing, payment and shipping.  Although I live in Sweden every order has been safely and promptly delivered. They also notify me when stuff connected to my favorite artist comes on the site which I appreciate a lot !            Johan   V.      Sweden


“I’m a relatively recent customer of Very English & Rolling Stone, but the proprietor, Thomas Grosh, has quickly made his establishment my “go to” place for all things vinyl related to the Beatles. Tom is a consummate professional, well versed in all aspects of record collecting, he is honest and fair, and he aims to please.  Also, he is a heck of a nice guy! I highly recommend Very English and Rolling Stone.”            Ty  M.        Virginia


To: Vinyl Aficionados and Collectors;  “I met Thomas Grosh at Beatlefest some years ago, and bought a couple of classic albums from ‘Very English & Rolling Stone’ a month later. He gave me a great deal on the albums, which were in “excellent” condition, as advertised in the listings. His “protective, packaging process” is second to none– and it was a wonderful first- timer experience doing business with ‘Very English & Rolling Stone’!  I’ve made several more purchases since then, and it has been a real pleasure to be making exciting, new additions to my collection”                    Chris    W.        Wisconsin


“Thomas, from Very English & Rolling Stone, is my Go-TO vinyl guy.  He’s a regular at a  monthly vinyl show I frequently attend and is, quite frankly, the primary reason I go. He ALWAYS has new interesting additions to choose from.  On top of that he’s friendly, courteous and patient when it comes to answering questions about his items.  Thomas doesn’t just sell vinyl, he’s very knowledgeable about what he’s selling.  He knows specific records i”m on the hunt for and, if he runs across any, promptly contacts me to let me know.  Which brings me to my final point: if you order from Thomas rest assured he will immediately mail your order out and it arrives VERY safely packed….ALWAYS.  Thomas can’t be beat!”          Chris E.         Virginia



“Tom of Very English & Rolling Stone has been an invaluable ally in my music and memorabilia 1960;s “plus” collecting since his inception into the business.  I recommend his service which is backed by knowledge and true devotion to that era of collecting vinyl and related material.  It was an incredibly creative time, and he recognizes its significance!  Thank you V.E.A.R.S. ”          Karen   C.     Colorado